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Get accurate, up-to-date and tax-ready books

Additional Services:

  • State excise tax filings

  • City tax filings

  • Bill pay

  • Clean Up

  • Training


  • Presentation of financials to tax preparer for federal tax filings

  • 1099 filings


  • Transaction entry/classification

  • Account reconciliations

  • Financial reports       

  • Joint review of reports 

  • Unlimited email/text support

  • QuickBooks online support

Have questions or looking for more information?


  • Identify and establish systems and accounts BEFORE hiring employees

  • Payroll setup

  • Payroll oversight

New Business:

  • Setup of accounting file

  • Act as a valuable resource for information about systems, business requirements, best practices and tools

  • Setup of supporting applications

What you can always expect:

Accurate Financials Every Month

Get a clear view of where your business stands so you know the next steps when it comes to making decisions.

Tracking the Details

Avoid missing critical tax payments, and ensure compliance with regulatory or statutory requirements.

Professionally Organized Year-End Financials

Your monthly financial statements are packaged up and ready to go at year-end, so you don’t have to rush around at the last minute.

Tax Filing Support

I will work with you or directly with your CPA to ensure that tax season goes smoothly.

Trustworthy Resource

I translate and explain your accounting questions and navigate the myriad of systems and requirements in the best interest of you and your business.

Hear from business owners like you

Our books are perfect now! I had been steadily working on our books the last few years, and had some challenges importing 2019 items from our two PayPal accounts. Some transactions were coming through as three different line items instead of just two. Jennifer showed me how to resolve this issue. Our books are now clean and tidy, just like I like them.

We opened our Construction business January of 2019. As someone that has been in the industry for the majority of my adult life, I did not have a lot of experience with the financial aspects that comes hand in hand with being an owner. We decided to work with Jennifer for our bookkeeping needs and could not be happier in that decision! Jennifer is a professional, organized and thoughtful in her processes.

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